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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a violent home invasion targeting a pregnant mom. the search is on for a second suspect as one person goes to court. and we are learning more about the california shoot ares and their radicali says. what authorities just revealed. and refusing to back down. donald trump holding strong on a controversial proposal but will it hurt him in the polls?
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looking for a second suspect in a violent home invasion. a pregnant woman was tied up while her teenage daughter hid and called for help. good afternoon. >> thanks for joining us this noon. police did catch the other suspect and he just faced a judge. nicole jacob is live with this developing story. go afternoon, nicole. tfnlgt good afternoon to you. that arraignment wrapped up after an attorney for the man asked that he stand behind a stairwell, and not in front of the court because his attorney said that he was only identified by his clothing. he came up, showed his face to the court but then turned is back. the home invasion happened yesterday.
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two men entered a pregnant woman's bedroom after kicking the door. they put a gun to her head saying, quote, where's the money in where's the money? that's when she directed the intruders to a bag filled with $42,000. the victim's husband says he has that amount of money because he owns a bakery. all of this while the couple's 16-year-old daughter called 911. >> an officer came in, the officer began in pursuit of the suspect, later identifying him as kevin murphy. the suspect jumped on a wall, into a driveway on sunny lane. as he was following the suspect, the officer told him to lay on the ground. large. the victims say has a hispanic accent.
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$40,000, we are told, that was tank from the home and a possible second handgun. as for murphy, he is held on a $1000 bail and he is due back in court next month. >> thank you very much. also breaking right now at noon, we just learn that david muggar, the man who created the iconic celebration along the he is pla made will retire after the 2016 event. he had been working on the celebration for the last 42 years. he says that this decision personal. at the age of 77, it wars time to pass the baton. wbz has been a proud partner with him and the entire boston pop team for more than a decade. a millford high school student arrested for making threats to the school. an e-mail went out to parents explaining additional police are on hand but classes will continue as usual.
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principal is off the job. edward rozmiarek has been placed on administrative leave but the school is not giving a reason, only saying that it's was a personnel matter. rozmiarek's beverly home was morning. and the latest on the philip chism trial. >> we watched the video of the murder. i had shows phillip chism walk through danvers high school and he is seen trying to hide his face on security camera. this means that he knew well enough to the to be seen, not to be caught. the entire trial is focused on his mental health. two psychologists testified that phillip chism knew the
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and chose wrong, anyway. testimony also focused on a series of mental evaluations that chism took. he tested positive for certain mental illnesses and also was positive for feigning mental illness. he scored high on one test and very low, in the bottom 1 percentile on the other. they said that he faked it. >> there is only one explanation? >> what is that explanation? >> the person purposely missed the answers. >> phillip chism made a request
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tomorrow. on the judge granted that request. here is a live look at the city of boston. we are talking changes, catherine, warm, 60s in december. >> not december-like at all. >> we should be in the 40s, you guys. 43 is the average of the time and we are in the 40s, on the way 50s tomorrow. 44 in the city of boston right now, wind from the southeast at six miles per hour and despite the clouds, we are still in the 40s all the way back down to the south coast. a little bit cooler. southwest new hampshire, 42 in wooster. a little bit of dim sunshine out there that you see in a few spots. the clouds have been trying to break apart in a couple of areas but the clouds had win out the remainder of the day today. we'll stay dry. just a slight spritz of sprinkle. no weather-related issues.
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but not too cold. overnight low, 42 degrees. tomorrow, a morning showers and then the sun breaks. we come into the 50s. here is a lone shower by 8:00 p.m. along the south coast. most of us cloudy and school. couple of cloudy showers overafter midnight into tomorrow morning. there will be some shower activity for the morning drive. it's spotty in nature, not going to lay it down as much. late morning for a couple of we are staying in the 50s for the next several days. we'll let you know when we get into the of 0s. more breaking news at noon. fbi just revealed that the san bernardino shooters were radicalized at least two years ago and had discussed a jihad as early as 2013. we are also learning more about how they funded their attack. cbs news is reporting that syed rizwan farook got a $28,000
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few weeks before the attack. investigators are continuing to look at the couple's finances as part of the investigation. and we are learning more about the third shooter at a paris concert hall. french newspapers say he is a 23-year-old from eastern france. he left for syria in 2013. all the aattack on americas identified so far were either french or belgian. the bataclan concert hall was the deadliest location of the terrorist attack. donald trump's call for banning muslims from the u.s. has has caused outrage on both sides of the aisle but it may
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>> reporter: it has spread around the world. >> this man says that hatred against islam has started: this is not about religion. this is about safety. >> trump says that a ban on muslim is necessary in light of the attacks in san bernardino and paris. >> we're going to have tremendous problem it's getting worse and worse. and those problems are coming from a certain sector >> reporter: republican party leaders are blasting trump's proposal. some potential voters say they agree with him. >> what do we do? we are in a tough situation? what is the right call? we're going to be at war. >> reporter: republican booster tells a group of gop voters. how many people of that group, of that 23, do you think, support what trump is recommending, a ban on muslims temporarily?
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>> reporter: trump supporters support him because he says what they are thinking. >> and congress is trying to make it tougher for some people to enter the united states. the house pass add bill requiring a visa for anyone who has been in iraq or syria in the last five years. meanwhile, two afghan nationals being trained at an missing. military officials at moody air force base say that the two men did not report for scheduled training on monday. they have had been training at moody since february. the base is not releasing the men's names or descriptions but say they are not a threat to the community boston health officials confirmed norovirus is behind the outbreak at a chipotle. there were several violations, including allowing a sick
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it was our story. a miniature horse shot in both legs and police are trying to figure out who is to blame. max's owners say he was on the property when he was shot and they are concerned that one leg may never heal and max needs a prosthetic. the controversial blue heels deer hunt is over. and the state says that it stayed safe and orderly. more than 80 hunters took part and killed a total of 64 deer on the blue heels reservation. on to houston. the pats back on the practice field trying to work out some kinks after two straight losses. coach belichick is not looking back, but only forward. >> the challenge this week is a great environment, sunday night. a lot of energy in that place. hopefully we'll be able to play our best game. >> be sure to start your sunday
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at 11:30 right here. pats and texan play on sunday night football right after the game, tune in here to wbz for the postgame show. thanks for staying with us. coming up. a new interactative robot created. and time magazine named person of the year.
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welcome back. time magazine announcing the 2015 person of year. it's german chancellor angela merkel. the magazine honors for helping preserve europe's economic person with the recession and also with the flood of migrants. and keeping up all over the house.
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slippers as soon as they walk na their house. brady says he got his first pair when he was in high school as a gift from his mom. fashion of a different kind last night. did you see kids from all over the area turned players into human christmas trees and wrapped them up with paper, ribbon and ornament. >> toilet paper. >> there you go. the event was put on by the patriots charitable foundation for years. this time -- there is -- he was festive. >> i didn't sign up for. this so funny. doing a live report after him being around. >> fantastic fun event every year. >> so. it's not feel like christmas. >> no. >> everywhere, we are in december, feeling more like october or november. >> hard to put the tree up. >> we are gets festive.
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a lot of red squares here on this map. december temperatures so far are running 5.7 degrees above the average for the month. we had one colder than normal day and that was december 1st and slightly below average here. it's been extremely warm and we'll continue the trend of right on through the upcoming weekend. no snow flakes either. 44 in nashua right now. same in boston. we should be 43. it was a pretty mild start this morning, 39 in keen, low to mid- 40s for the rest of us, despite the clouds, which is pretty impressive. there are a couple of breaks that are trying to develop. you may see some peaks here and there through the rest of the afternoon. to the west, weak little disturbance with a few light rain showers. the disturbance will approach us tomorrow and bring us a couple of spotty showers.
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right on through the evening. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., here is the spotty showers. i don't think you'll be all that widespread or that heavy. won't play down all that much. you may need the wipers on intermittently. by the afternoon, the sun breaks out. tomorrow. day. we do get low clouds in the morning on friday. of sunshine. a cold front to watch as we head into the week. right now, we are on the milder side, on saturday, sunday. if that front waivers nearby, we'll get clouds. even with the clouds, we should come up near 60 degrees. we should be approaching record high temperatures for the second half of the weekend maybe even into monday, too. 44 in boston. some of the coldest suburbs dipping into the upper 30s. by december standards, not all that cold overnight tonight.
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look at the highs. boston, 57 degrees. the middle. even upper 50s possible tomorrow with the sunshine breaking out in the afternoon. massachusetts. we stay in the 50s through the weekend, near 60 on sunday. next chance of rain comes in on monday. we want to remind you now that our wbz winter preview airs this saturday at 7:30. we'll tell you how to save money this winter. snow flakes like you have never seen them before, you guys. and how much snow is going to fall this season, catherine. that's what people want to know >> you got that right. r2d2 is taking technology
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>> this so-called social robot expressive and body language gives off nonverbal cues for children. the national institutes of health is looking as to how happy robots can help improve our health the surprise that the salvation army finds that could
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the goal of creating a better form for consumer, the transportation department is updating the 5 star rating system to include whether a car has the ability to avoid crashes. it will have a rating for sensors and avoiding blind spots. >> what sparkling surprise. >> i love this. a diamond engage. ring was dropped in a red kettle. the ring has been appraised at $3500. the salvation army will auction it off.
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special. >> do you remember last year a woman donated her ring and engagement ring at the north station there. as news spread of that gift, more jewelry was dropped in kettles around the boston area. >> heart warming donations, in boston commons. some clothes were hung along with a sign saying that it's okay for anyone who needs them to take them. grab your sneakers and suit.
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concerning news for the many women suffering from polycystic tick ovarian syndrome. a new study links it to the risk of autism in children. that's today at 5:00 on wbz news. running a half is an incredible accomplishment. >> half marathon. one man is doing it in style. he is doing it in a suit. he is an mit graduate. he has made a formal suit
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his final, one hour 41 minutes, 41 seconds. suit. >> he runs a half marathon in a suit. i should be able to do the news in sneakers. >> okay. >> he has sneakers on, anyway. >> i do not have sneakers on. >> we can see the feet. >> you have the combo going on, the blue and the black. >> talking about -- >> set your dvr. >> saturday at 7:30. a lot of warmth in the next few day, 40s tomorrow. showers in the morning. 40 to start today. we'll approach a record. next chance of rain coming in later on monday and we turn cooler after that but 40s on tuesday. >> think we are in a holding pattern or something. >> absolutely. >> holding off on winter.
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see you in the next forecast. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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